Department of Mathematics
2011-2012 Photographs

Here are a few miscellaneous photographs from various events throughtout the school year.  Here are pictures of some of our recent award recipients.


2012-2013 Scholarship Awards

Every year, the Department of Mathematics awards scholarships to some of our very best mathematics students. At the end of the spring semester, the following students were awarded scholarships for the next school year. A detailed list of these scholarships can be found on the Scholarship website.

Patrick Daniels, Thomas Fisher, Jessica Guise, Kaitlin Keller,
Meghan Milana, Anh Tran, and Suraj Uttamchandani

Scholarships 2012



Pi Mu Epsilon 2012 Induction Ceremony




 Spring 2012 Math Picnic!

Picnic1 Picnic6 Picnic2 Picnic3 Picnic4 Picnic5


Colloquium Dinner

Some of our math majors and faculty at the colloquium dinner

with Nicole Juersivich and some of her students from Nazareth College.

Celebrating Pi and Pie!







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