Department of Mathematics
2013-2014 Photographs

Here are a few miscellaneous photographs from various events throughtout the school year.  Here are pictures of some of our recent award recipients.


2014-2015 Scholarship Awards

Every year, the Department of Mathematics awards scholarships to some of our very best mathematics students. At the end of the spring semester, the following students were awarded scholarships for the next school year. A detailed list of these scholarships can be found on the Scholarship website.



Pi Mu Epsilon 2014 Induction Ceremony

Each spring semester, the Department of Mathematics inducts new students into our chapter of the Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Honor Society. More information about this society can be found on our Pi Mu Epsilon webpage. This year's inducties are:


Michelle Barnum, Stephen Barron, Shannon Dorney, Marcus Elia, James Ford, Andrew Hessler,
Jack Jenkins, Cathryn Menarchem, Michael Pilosov, Andrew Samer, Gregory Spitz,
Carmen Staub, Herbert Susmann, Shawn Ward, Katherine Weber



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