Office hours Fall 2014:

Monday & Wednesday 12:30-2:30


Amanda Beeson

Visiting Assistant Professor of


South Hall 325A
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Amanda Beeson

Amanda has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2013.  

Faculty Information


  • B.S. in Math with Computer Science, MIT, 2003
  • Ph.D. Pure Mathematics, UC San Diego, 2009

Research Interests

The most alluring problems to me are those in the intersection of algebraic number theory and analytic number theory: problems about modular forms and elliptic curves, problems about algebraic relations among special values of transcendental functions. I have two current projects: exponent-two explicit class field theory over an imaginary quadratic base field, and relations among multiple zeta values. I am also working with two University of Rochester students on finding large rational distance subsets of the plane and I have recently started helping a student at SUNY Geneseo with a project about congruence relations among numbers that converge similarly in the Collatz conjecture.
Fall 2014 Classes

HONR 205:
HonrSem-Sci:Big Data

    This seminar offers an introduction to a topic or set of topics drawn from the sciences, as designated by the subtitle. Typical subtitles are: Galileo, Medieval or Modern? What is Light? and Deciphe
    ring DNA. The course is designed to engage all students and will not assume any prior knowledge of the discipline(s) involved. As a seminar, the class will focus on a lively discussion and analysis of the issues. May be repeated more than once only with permission from director of the Honors Program. Prerequisites: HONR 202 or permission of program director. Offered once per year
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MATH 222:
Calculus II

    Derivatives and antiderivatives of the transcendental functions, methods of integration, applications of definite integrals, sequences, improper integrals, and series. Prerequisites: MATH 221. Offered
    every semester
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MATH 233:
Linear Algebra I

    Study of matrices, matrix operations, and systems of linear equations, with an introduction to vector spaces and linear transformations. Elementary applications of linear algebra are included. Prerequ
    isites: MATH 213 or MATH 221 or permission of instructor. Offered every semester
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