Office hours Fall 2014:

Monday & Wednesday 12:30-2:30


Amanda Beeson

Visiting Assistant Professor of


South Hall 325A
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Amanda Beeson

Amanda has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2013.  

Faculty Information


  • B.S. in Math with Computer Science, MIT, 2003
  • Ph.D. Pure Mathematics, UC San Diego, 2009

Research Interests

The most alluring problems to me are those in the intersection of algebraic number theory and analytic number theory: problems about modular forms and elliptic curves, problems about algebraic relations among special values of transcendental functions. I have two current projects: exponent-two explicit class field theory over an imaginary quadratic base field, and relations among multiple zeta values. I am also working with two University of Rochester students on finding large rational distance subsets of the plane and I have recently started helping a student at SUNY Geneseo with a project about congruence relations among numbers that converge similarly in the Collatz conjecture.
Spring 2015 Classes

MATH 221:
R/Calculus I

    Topics studied are limits and continuity; derivatives and antiderivatives of the algebraic and trigonometric functions; the definite integral; and the fundamental theorem of the calculus. Prerequisit
    es: MATH 112 or Precalculus with trigonometry or the equivalent. Offered every semester
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MATH 239:
Intro to Mathematical Proof

    The course will provide an introduction to the language of advanced mathematics and to mathematical proof. It will emphasize rigorous argument and the practice of proof in various mathematical contex
    ts. Topics will include logic, set theory, cardinality, methods of proof, and induction. Other mathematical topics chosen at the discretion of the instructor will be included as material through which proving skills will be honed. Prerequisites: MATH 222 or permission of the department. Offered every semester
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MATH 326:
Differential Equations

    A study of the methods of solving ordinary differential equations, and some of the applications of these equations in the physical sciences and geometry. Prerequisites: MATH 223. Corequisites: MATH 2
    33 or PHYS 228. Offered every semester
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