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Yusuf Kenan Bilgiç

Assistant Professor

of Statistics

South Hall 324A
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

Yusuf Bilgic 2

Yusuf K. Bilgiç has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2012.

Did you know UP-STAT 2015 Conference is at Geneseo on 4/10-11?

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Western Michigan University, 2012
  • M.A., Western Michigan University, 2008


  • Research and Teaching Assistant, Western Michigan University, 2006-2012
  • Mathematics Teacher in Secondary Schools, 1998-2006

Research Interests

Modeling, estimation, prediction and testing in hierarchical designs using nonparametric and robust methods: rank-based theory, rank-based statistical modeling of hierarchical designs, specifically nested designs. I welcome any collaboration in projects and grants as a statistician or stat educator.

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Bilgic Y. K., Susmann H. 2013. rlme: R Package for Random Effects Nested Models. The R Journal Vol. 5/2, December.
  • Bilgic, Y. K. Rank-Based Estimation and Prediction for Mixed Effects Models in Nested Designs. Ph.D. Thesis. 2012. WMU.
  • Abebe A., McKean J. W., Kloke J. D., Bilgic Y. K. 2013. Iterated Reweighted Rank-Based Estimates for GEE Models. Submitted.
  • Jon D. Davis, Dustin O. Smith, Abhik R. Roy, Yusuf K. Bilgic, Reasoning-and-proving in algebra: The case of two reform-oriented U.S. textbooks, International Journal of Educational Research, Available online 1 August 2013, ISSN 0883-0355,
  • C. Bradley, C. H. DeBose, J. T. Terpstra, and Y. K. Bilgic. Post Adoption Services Utilization among African American, Transracial and White American parents: Counseling and Legal implications. The Family Journal October 2012 vol. 20 no. 4 392-398.
  • Bilgic Y. K. and McKean J. W. Generalized Rank-Based Method for Mixed Effects Models in Three-Level Nested Designs. Manuscript to be submitted.