Course Rotation 



Every Fall

101 Welcome Mathematics Majors

160 Elements of Chance

237 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

333 Linear Algebra II

345 Numerical Analysis I

360 Probability

371 Introduction to Complex Analysis

Every Spring

228 Calculus II for Biologists

325 Real Analysis II

335 Foundations of Geometry

341 Probability and Applied Statistics

348 Oral Presentation and Research Seminar

361 Statistics

390 History of Mathematics

Odd years

301 Mathematical Logic

328 Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

380 Topics of Mathematics:
        (Discrete or Algebraic Topic)

Odd years

104 Mathematical Ideas

319 Theory of Numbers

350 Vector Analysis

382 Introduction to Wavelets and Their Applications

Even years

302 Set Theory

315 Combinatorics

338 Topology

Even years

113 Finite Mathematics for Society

332 Linear Programming and Operations Research

340 Modeling Biological Systems

346 Numerical Analysis II

372 Partial Differential Equations

383 Biomathematics Seminar

Courses offered every semester:

112 Precalculus

140 Math Concepts for Elementary Education I

141 Math Concepts for Elementary Education II

213 Applied Calculus

221 Calculus I

222 Calculus II

223 Calculus III

230 Programming and Mathematical Problem Solving

233 Linear Algebra I

239 Introduction to Mathematical Proof

262 Applied Statistics

324 Real Analysis I

326 Differential Equations

330 Abstract Algebra

366 Mathematical Foundations of Actuarial Science

Courses not regularly Offered:

242 Elements of Probability and Statistics

380 Topics in Mathematics: (subtitle)

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