About M.I.L.E.S

Men Incorporating Leadership, Empowerment, and Service (MILES) was developed a year after the Women's Leadership Institute's successful first year. The men found a need for a leadership group for the males on the Geneseo campus. The first semester, Fall 2008, showed interest, but membership was low. In the Spring 2009 semester, the men started to take action. In the Spring 2009 semester, the men started to come to all the weekly meetings.

They understood what the men on the Geneseo campus needed and were willing to help each other become the men that they wanted to be. They volunteered on and off campus, helping those that needed help, unknowingly helping themselves become stronger and better men in the process. They lobbied for student aid in Albany, NY talking to New York State Assemblypersons and their office representatives. Hosted a fundraising basketball tournament and most importantly helped each other.

The following year, MILES had a strong following. The men formed a leadership team that would run the meetings. They, again, volunteered their time to help those who may need a hand and raised funds for those who were less fortunate and, once again, became better men.

MILES has a history of being fun, intelligent men. Every meeting begins and ends with a firm handshake. MILES men believe a firm handshake shows that we are confident, competent, professional, and respectful men.

Today, the men of MILES still meet once a week to discuss issues ranging from professional skills to relationships. They are more involved on campus and are stronger than they have ever been. Every MILES men strives to be a better man today than they were yesterday.