Musical Theatre: Major Information

An audition is required for admission to the Major in Musical Theatre.  Click here for more information.

Total credit hours to complete major: 45


Basic Requirements


Three courses by advisement from: DANC 201*, 202*, 203*, 204*, 301, 302, or 303

*Prerequisites: DANC 101-104 or equivalent and permission of instructor.


MUSC 160

Choral Organization


MUSC 210

Theory of Music I


MUSC 211

Theory of Music II


MUSC 222

F/Stage Musicals


MUSC 251**

Voice for the Performance Option

**Prerequisites: Two semesters of MUSC 151 and permission of instructor


MUSC 351

Voice for the Performance Option


MUSC 399

Directed Study: Senior Musical Theater Project


THEA 130

F/Introduction to Technical Theater


THEA 140

F/Play Analysis for the Theatre


THEA 221

Acting I


THEA 320

Acting II


THEA 311

Directing I


DANC 222

F/Dance History Since 1900 OR


MUSC 227

F/Music in Western Civilization Since 1750 OR

THEA 200

F/The American Theater OR

THEA 203

F/History of the Theater Since the 17th Century



Additional Requirements

Meeting the following requirements and the Minimum Competence Requirement (stated below) are prerequisite to continuance in the Major.

  1. Participation in the Weekly Voice Seminar
  2. Jury examination each semester in MUSC 151-351
  3. Performance each semester in the Major in a Friday afternoon recital or in some other public, faculty-sponsored event approved by the principal instructor and the advisor
  4. Junior Review


Minimum Competence Requirement

A grade of C- or better is required for each required course.


Department Writing Requirement

All musical theatre majors write in all courses except MUSC 160, but the style and content of the writing varies widely, based upon the course topic.  Examples include journals, concept statements, production analyses, character analyses, musical analyses, and traditional research papers, such as one might find in typical courses in the liberal arts.