Instructor Step-by-Step:

backup and restore A Course During the Semester

The Backup/Restore tool allows Instructors to backup all course content and student data (enrollment and activity) for the current semester to the myCourses vendors servers off-campus.  Instructors should periodically backup their courses during the semester.  While the backup files can be downloaded to the Instructors local computer as an additional safeguard, the purpose of this backup is to restore a course in the event of a course or system failure during a semester.  The course with content and student data are restored in full up to the date of the last backup.  The backup file is not intended as a means to copy content from one course to another or as a long term archive of course content and structure.  For copying course content and/or creating an archive of content only (does not include student data), please refer to the self-help guide "Copy Course Materials from One Course to Another and/or Create an Archive" .


To access the Backup/Restore page, log into your myCourses course, click the Manage tab, and click the Backup/Restore. This button is located in the third column, Data Management. The Backup/Restore page appears (shown to the right). Back and Restore


How to Backup a Course

  1. On the Backup/Restore page, click where it says "Click here to create a new backup", under the Your Backups section.  The backup will begin to queue.
  2. Click View your backup job in the Export Console to see your lastest course backup.
  3. After the backup is created (an email notice is also sent), the file name (under Export History) will become a hyperlink. To save the file  to your computer, simply click the file name and click to Save it to your computer. (Note: As noted above, do not use this course file as a means to copy course content from one semester to another as it will contain user data)



Restoring a Course

Restoring a course from a previous backup overwrites all changes and activity performed in the course since the date of the last course backup. The date and time of the last course backup are listed directly on the Backup/Restore page. Only System Administrators have the authorization to Restore a course. Instructors should email if a course needs to be restored to the date of the last backup.




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