Student Reference:

Best Practices for STudents

  1. Use a supported browser to access myCourses.  We recommend Firefox, however,  Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari are also supported.
  2. If using the myGeneseo log-in center to access myCourses be sure your password is correct.

    • You can also access myCourses by going directly to (use your myGeneseo username and password)
  3. Open only one session/one browser window of myCourses at a time!

    • While taking an exam in myCourses, you must not open myCourses in a second browser window. Doing so will cause any submission to fail and the attempt will be lost. If attempts are restricted to one, you will not be able to re-open the exam to continue taking it. Navigating anywhere else in myCourses, regardless of browser, registers with the system as you having exited the exam and closes your attempt at that exam.
  4. Be aware of the limitations of the auto-save feature.

    • Autosave is designed to let you pick up where you left off after an interruption in an exam. It is important to realize that clicking on the next question is what causes progress to be saved. myCourses only auto-saves completed questions in an assessment and not partially answered questions. If you are writing long essay answers and your computer crashes half-way through, that particular essay will not be saved. This is particularly important to be aware of in timed assessments as the save button does not exist.

      In a case where it is not a timed assessment, there is a setting that enables a Save Button which allows you to save content at any time (including in the middle of a long essay question). However, if you do not remember to press the Save Button manually, the same auto-save rules listed above apply.
  5. Always double check submissions for all assessments and drop box assignments.

    • Guarantee your assessment or essay was submitted by going back into the drop box or exam and checking to see if your submission appears. For drop box submissions, always click on your submission to display your Message and/or Attachment.   Be realistic in allotting yourself enough time to deal with technology interruptions (ISP problems, internet failure, document corruption, etc). Check out the Reports tab too!
  6. Understand how your professor uses the Gradebook before relying on the Grades section.

    • Due to the complex nature of the myCourses gradebook, depending on how it is calculating zeros and future assignments, the section on the home page may or may not reflect your actual, final grade. Check with your professor to understand how they are calculating your grade and to see if it is an accurate representation.



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