Instructor Step-by-Step:

Compressing Pictures in Word for Smaller File Sizes

Dropbox submissions have a 2MB file size limitation.  Often files are too large to upload due to the size of the pictures contained in the document.  Compressing pictures in a word document will result in smaller file sizes and faster uploads/downloads.  Follow the steps below to compress pictures contained in a Word document:

Compress Pictures in Word

Step 1:   Open the Word dcoument containing pictures/images and click on a picture/image

Stpe 2:   A tab on the top menu will display called Picture Tools/Format, click on the tab

Step 3:   Click the Compress Pictures option

Step 4:    A pop-up box will appear, selec the option Screen (150ppi): good for Web pages and projectors

***Optionally uncheck the box for Apply only to this picture if there are other images in the docment


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