Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

Course Materials: Custom ORganization

To Begin Any of the Options:

  1. Log into your myCourses Course and click the Course Materials tab.

Option A: Customize Icons

  1. To change an items icon, hover the mouse over the item and click the Settings option for that item.

  2. Click the radial button at the top of the window to choose Advanced settings.

  3. Under the Content Tab, under the Link Settings area, find the text box labeled Icon URL and click Browse.

  4. Click on the Icon Tab, then select the Icon you wish to add, or upload one of your own. (Note: After you upload a file, it is necessary to then select the file. Select it by clicking on the name in the upload box after it uploads.)
  1. Custom organization of course materials


Option B: Change the way the items are displayed (i.e. in a list, by column)

  1. Click the Preferences link from the main Course Materials Tab menu.

  2. Under the heading Advanced Settings you can change the view for “Root” or “Folder” using the drop down menus.

             Root View applies to what you first see when you log in and go to the Course Materials Tab.
             Folder View applies to what you see when you open a folder.


Option C: Time Release Course Materials

  1. Click the Settings option for the item that you wish to have Time Released.

  2. Click the Access Tab and then click the radial button for Advanced Settings.

  3. Under View Restrictions you can hide the file to students until a certain date as well as limit access by rights, password or team.

  4. Click Save. Items hidden from students view will appear greyed out for faculty.



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