Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

create a discussion forum

To Create a Discussion Forum:

  1. Log into a course and click the Course Materials tab.

  2. Click the Add Content hyperlink.

  3. Click the Discussion Forum hyperlink.

    1. Under the Content tab you can enter a Title, Subtitle and Directions
    2. Under the Access tab you can enable User Tracking if desired. Change the viewing permissions, password and access if desired.
    3. Under the Post Permissions tab, you can set specific permissions governing reading, creating and replying to posts.
    4. Under the Interaction tab you can choose to have the forum be moderated, assign moderators and determine their rights.
    5. Review other options and select as desired.
  4. Click Save when your settings are complete. The newly created discussion forum will appear both under the Course Materials Tab and the Communicate Tab.


How to Post to a Discussion Forum:

Under the Course Materials tab click the desired discussion forum’s name or icon to open the forum on your screen. Click the New Post button (located above the "Directions" box) and a Post a New Message window will appear. Enter a subject and body text and when you are finished, click Save.


To Insert an Image into a Discussion Forum:

1. View the following page: Embedding Images into Discussion Forums



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