Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:


create a DropBox

  1. Go into your course and select the Course Materials Tab.

  2. Select Add Content from the Course Materials Tab toolbar (see Figure to the right).
  3. Select Drop Box.  A window will appear with tabs accross the top.  By default you will be on the Content tab.

    1. Under the Content tab, enter a title for your dropbox.  Optionally, you can enter a subtitle and descriptive text.

    2. Go to the Submission tab to specify:

      • Max Submissions -- how many times a student may submit an assignment.
      • Message Box -- students can enter an assignment directly into this box (good for short assignments).
      • Attachments -- must be enabled for students to attach (submit) a file to the dropbox.  If disabled, students can only submit using the message box.
    3. Go to the Review tab to specify who can see the submissions.

      • Normal -- students see only their own submissions
      • Peer Review -- students see all submissions
      • Disabled -- students cannot see their submissions; only the instructor can
    4. Go to the Access tab if you want to enable User Tracking (this is encouraged to troubleshoot any problems).
  4. Click Save and your dropbox is created.




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