Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

enable review of assessments or drop boxesReviewoptions

myCourses allows instructors to make their detailed review available to students.  Students need to log on to myCourses and access that item in order to see the instructor's review.

To use the review features:

  1. Go to a course in myCourses and then select the Course Materials Tab.  Click on the Settings option under an assessment or dropbox item.

  2. Click the Review tab (see Figure 1 to the right).

  3. Click on the drop-down option for "Full review".

  4. You can specify the information available to the students in your review by checking and unchecking the options.  If you are using an Assessment, you also have the option to specifiy review availability by defining when review begins and ends.

ReviewoptionsFig3Note:  Remember you must allow access to the item if you have restricted it through the Access tab.ReviewoptionsFig2


Students can view your review by clicking on the graded item in the Course Materials tab (see Figure to the right) and clicking on their submission link.  The figure to the left shows the instructor comments circled (shown in the light grey shaded area).














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