Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

Copy gradebook setup from one course to another

You can copy a gradebook set up from one course to another that includes categories, assignements, preferences, grading scale and more.  Simply enter your new course and follow the steps below:


Step 1:  All new courses contain three default Gradebook Categories (Exams, Homework and Quizzes),  that  you will need to delete before you copy a gradebook set up from another courseDefaultCategories_2




  • Access your new course (course without a gradebook set-up) and select the Manage tab 
  • Under Course Management on the left side of the screen, select Gradebook
  • Under Setup Tasks, select Categories
  • Check the boxes next to the three default Categories of Exams, Homework and Quizzes and click Delete Selected
  • Click OK when the delete Categories pop-up warning displays
  • Click Done




Step 2:  Under Setup Tasks, select Copy Gradebook Setttings from Another CourseCopyGradebook_2

Step 3:  Click the dropdown arrow to display your options and select the course  you would like to copy the gradebook from (course containing a complete gradebook setup) and click Copy Settings





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