Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

High Security assessments

The secure browser setting prevents a student from accessing other resources on their computer or the internet until they have finished taking their test or quiz.

The Secure Browser Option is only available for exams or quizzes created as an Assessment Content Item under the Course Materials Tab.

High Security Assessments can only be administered in computer labs on campus (Note: users must select PC as the operating system in labs with dual systems, as this is not available on MAC). Please reserve a lab if you would like to give a high-security assessment.


Instructors:  How to set up an Assessment to use the Secure BrowserSecure

  • Step 1: Go to the Course Materials tab of the relevant course --> Click on Settings under the assessment, then click the Advanced button
  • Step 2: On the Access tab:
    • Set User Tracking to Everyone
    • Set the Start and End Dates and Times to ensure the assessment is visible during the period students will be taking the assessment in the labs
    • In the Internet Security Box set the Browser Security to “High-requires Secure ANGEL Browser.”
    • Click Save
  • Step 3: On the Interaction tab:
    • Set the Start and End Dates and Times of when the assessment is Enabled --> this setting governs when the assessment is actually open for student  to access and take (as opposed to the above which controls only visibility to the assessment link in the secure browser)
    • In the Display Mode section --> select the Question at a time option with the additonal options of:
      • Randomize the order in which questions are delievered
      • Randomize the order of each question's answers
      • Don't allow  backtrack
    • In the Sumission Settings section --> set Attempts Allowed toand set  Validation to one of the following:
      • Allow, but issue warning --> activates a pop up window advising students that they did not answer a question and allows them the opportunity to answer it before moving forward 
      • Do not allow --> which will not let students advance to the next question without answering the present question
    • In the Time Settings --> set the Time Limit for the assessment as well as the other options of Time Warning and Automatically submit assessment when time expires
    • Click Save
  • Step 4: On the Review tab:
    •  At the View Submission HIstory --> select List only if you want to give the assessment score or select "Disabled" if you don't want to provide any feedback
    • Review Availability and Feedback Options, allow you to specifiy when and what information you want students to be able to review following the assessment
    • Click Save
  • Step 5: On the Assignments tab:
    • Link the Assessment to a Gradebook Assignment to record the scores in the Gradebook
    • Click Save


** How students access your High Security Assessment in a computer lab at Geneseo.**

Answers are auto-saved when a student moves off of a question. If a computer stops responding, it is not considered a submission by the system. A built in fail-safe measure allows a student to resume from where they left off.  Restart the computer and then follow the “Instructions for Students on Launching Secure Browser,” as listed above, to navigate back to their exam.




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