Student Reference:

How to Access a High Security Assessment

To access high security exams, you must be in a computer lab on campus (Windows only).  Below are the steps to launching the secure browser which enables you to take this type of exam.

  1. In a computer lab, click on:  myCourses Secure Browser on the Desktop ( Note: If not on the Desktop, go to: Start Menu --> All Programs --> Secure Browser)
  2. Log-in with your myCourses Username and password
  3. The course title and secure exam will display --> click the exam to begin.

Answers are auto-saved when a student moves off of a question. If a computer stops responding, it is not considered a submission by the system. A built in fail-safe measure allows a student to resume from where they left off.  Restart the computer and then follow the “Instructions for Students on Launching Secure Browser,” as listed above, to navigate back to their exam.



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