Instructor Step-by-Step:

How to Create Teams

Assigning your students to teams in myCourses is equivalent to having your students work in groups within your classroom.  Teams can be used with numerous content items, such as dropboxes, discussion forums, and accommodating assessment modifications.  Follow the steps below to create Teams within your course:

  1. Enter your course and click on the Manage TabHow to Create Teams
  2. Click on Teams in the left column
  3. In the Teams Editor view, click on Add a Team to manually create  teams or click on Random Team Generator to have the system assign the teams
  4. To continue manually creating a Team, enter a name for the Team  (Note: If you will use teams for assessment modifications, drop the arrow next to Hidden and select Yes) > click Save
  5. In the Add Team Member view, put a check mark next to the name(s) of the student(s) who will be assigned to the team and click on Add Selected > click Done to return to the Teams Editor view > click on Exit Teams Editor when you are finished



How your students can view their assigned Team and its members:

  1. Enter the course and click on the Communicate tab
  2. Click the Course Roster link within the Course Roster nugget (Note: the Course Roster nugget can also be added to a course Home page)
  3. Click on Teams in the upper right corner
  4. All assigned Teams will display (unless the Teams have been Hidden) > click on Members to display the assigned Team members





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