Instructor Step-by-Step:

How to Regrade An Assessment Question

If there is an error in an  assessment question that is automatically graded by the system (e.g. Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Select, Matching, Ordering and Fill in the Blank) and students have already submitted their responses, follow the steps below to regrade the question:

  1. Go to the Sumissions menu option below the Assessment with a question errorHow to Regrade an Assessment Question
  2. Select View, Grade or Delete Submissions and click on Grade next to one of the students submission (Note: correcting one submission will update the correct answer for all the other submissions)
  3. Click on "regrade" under the question (See Figure  1) that has an error and you will be presented with the option to Choose a regrade mode (e.g. Change points or correct answer, Drop question or Give full credit)
  4. If you select to Change points or correct answer you will be redirected into the Questions Editor to update the points or correct answer
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the Question Editor screen to automatically update all of the Assessment Submissions with this change



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