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How to View your Grades

If your Instructor has opted to use the myCourses Gradebook, you can view a snapshot of your grades on the Course Home in the Grades box. In addition, you can run more detailed reports on your grades through the Reports Console, which can be accessed by clicking on any area in the Grades box or through the Report tab (Note: Your Instructor may have removed the Report tab from view, in which case access the Reports Console through the Grades box).  If you Instructor has opted not to use the Gradebook in myCourses, both the Grades box and Report tab may have been removed from view.

Grade box

The Grades box features ( Figure 1):

  • The manner in which the Instructor is assigning and calculating grades --> points, percentage, letter grade or a combination
  • A list of Categories, which represent the weighted value for groups of Assignements and are used to calculate your overall grade.  Categories are typically Exams, Papers, Homework, Participation, etc. and are not the actual individual gradable Assignments.
  • Your Grade displays your current overall grade and does not take into consideration future assignments, their weight and how your Instructor will calculate assignments with a zero grade.  This grade display should not be considered your actual final grade.
  • Grades are displayed in bar graph form with your grade thus far for a Category, along with the Class Average for the same category.  Again, this display is of the same nature as above and should not be considered your actual final grade in any one Category.
  • You will need to click on Refresh to update the display each time your Instructor has updated grades.  It will NOT automatically update each time you login.


The Reports Console features:Grades Milstones

  • Ability to run most reports in a variety of views, such as Chart (bar graph), Drill Down (expand "+" or collapse "-" deatil in listed format) and Table
  • Ability to Send within myCourses, Export to your computer and/or Print reports
  • Ability to run a report and save the format for ease in rerunning the report at a later date (Saved Reports)
  • The three available Categories of Reports are:
    • Learner Profile:  Twelve diverse reports that provide Report detail ranging from login Activity to Submissions.  You can select the Starting and Ending dates for each of the twelve reports (Note: In the Submissions Report --> Drill Down View, you can click on the title of the assignment to view grades and comments even if your instructor is not using the Gradebook)
    • Grades:  The Student Grades Report displays each Assignment, the maximum grade for the Assignment, the grade you obtained and any Comments your Instructor may have written ( Figure 2).  It will also display the Overall grade for each Category (the same grade that is displayed in the Grades box).  Any ungraded Assignements will appear as grayed out.
    • Milestones:  Instructors my optionally use Milestones for assignements in the Course Materials tab. Milestones display the dates of when assignments are assigned by the Instructor and when they are due to be completed by the student.  A Milestones Report will only be available in the Reports Console via the Report tab; however, Milestone dates also appear in the course Calendar and in the Tasks tab of the course GuideFigure 2 - Illustrates both Milestone dates in the course Guide, as well as a view of the Student Grades Report.



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