Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

Import or copy exam questions

The following instructions enable faculty to quickly and easily develop a test bank by adding a large group of quiz/exam questions to a course. The questions can either be imported from an archive, cartridge, and zip file, or they can be copy and pasted from a document.


Import exam questions from archive, cartridge, or zip file:

From Manage tab in your course, you can use the Import Wizard to import content from a publisher cartridge (Blackboard cartridge, ExamView cartridge) or zip file .


To Copy Questions from a Word document:

  1. Create a new assessment or quiz (in the Course Materials tab)

  2. Click the Add Question hyperlink (located on the quiz toolbar)

  3. Click the Copy and Paste Questions hyperlink or icon

  4. The Import Questions page appears --  Replace the sample text in the Import Questions text field with the question text copied from your document. You may copy, paste, and import more than one question at a time, however, the text must conform to the following specifications:

  • Each question must begin on a new line

  • The first line of each question must start with ‘Q:’ or the question number followed by a period (e.g., ‘1.’, ‘2.’, ‘3.’)
  • The choices must immediately follow the question text
  • Each choice must be on a line by itself and begin with a choice letter followed by a period (e.g., ‘A.’, ‘B.’, ‘C.’)

Example: Replace this sample text with your questions and answers
Q: The material level was appropriate for this course.
A. strongly agree
B. agree
C. undecided
D. disagree
E. strongly disagree


Use the Choice, Open-ended, and Points drop-down lists to specify the default point value and question format for choice type questions and open-ended type questions. Click OK when done.




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