Instructor Step-by-Step:

myCourses Accessibility Basics

There are basic content considerations and/or configurations that can be utlized within myCourses to ensure course content is accessible to every student.  The basics are as follows:


1. Utilize Headings

Headings are recognized by screen readers, rather than bold and capital letters when creating text content. Heading options are available by clicking the Format dropdown in the HTML menu.


2.Alternate Text

Add Alternate Text on images, which can be read allowed by screen readers. After uploading an image, enter Alternate Text on the Image Info tab.

3. High Contrast Color

Step3_ContrastColorUsing High Contrast Color heightens the contrast of text and images for more distinction and readability.  Text and Background color options are available on all HTML menu options.


4. Video Captions

Add Captions to videos you create or select videos with captions to make the content accessible to the hearing impaired.

5. Make Uploaded/Linked Files Accessible


Be sure the files you upload or link to in myCourses (PDF, Word, Excell, PowerPoint, Multimedia etc.) are accessible.  Refer to Making Files Accessible for assistance.




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