Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:


The Reporting function is a tool that provides instructors with a deeper insight into student activities and their progress by producing a variety of reports.


Accessing Reporting using the Reports Tab

  1. Enter a course and click onthe Reports tab.
  2. Under the Report Settings tab, select an option from the Category section.
    • Learner Profile: Access a specific student’s comprehensive performance information.
    • WhoDunIt: Information is presented as to who has or has not completed a particular item, logged into the course since a specific date, and more.
    • Class: Reporting includes class activity, lists of users and their attendance, the number of chat sessions, a total of class mail messages, and more.
    • Content: Information is provided on items where tracking is turned on and course activity.
    • Grades: A comprehensive view of students grades in one location.
    • Milestones: Specific assignments and due dates for key course objectives can be reported.
    • Learning Outcomes: Objectives and standards mapped to outcome are reported.
  3. Choose the Report you want and then select the User’s name from the drop-down list.
  4. Configure the report. The items available in the configure section will vary depending on the report selected.
  5. Select the Report View by clicking on the drop down arrow.
  6. Click the Run button to generate the report. For each category option, reports can be saved by clicking on the Save button and viewed by clicking on the Saved Reports tab.


Sending and Exporting Reports:

Once you have created your report you can send a copy of the report to course mail or export the data to your computer.


Sending Reports

  1. After producing the report, click the Send Report button. The Mail (Internal) screen appears.
  2. Complete the recipients section of the mail form by clicking on the To -> button and adding email addresses in the appropriate boxes.
  3. Type or paste text in the Message field.
  4. Click the Send button. Your report and message are sent to the specified recipients. The report is attached as a PDF formatted file.

Exporting Reports

  1. Click the Export button. The Export report window appears.
  2. Select the format from the Export report to drop-down list.
  3. Click the Export button. A window appears asking if you want to Open, Save or Cancel.
  4. Choose the appropriate option for your needs and then click the OK button.
  5. A confirmation message will appear saying your file has downloaded correctly.






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