Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:

review and grade dropbox submissions

  1. Go to a course in myCourses and then select the Course Materials Tab.

  2. To Download Attachments:

    1. Click the Dropbox to open it.
    2. Click the Submissions hyperlink in the toolbar to access the Submission Utilities Menu.
    3. Click Download Submissions and make a selection using the dropdown menu and click Download.  Save to your computer.  The Track Changes Feature in Microsoft Word is useful for grading dropbox submissions.
  3. To Review and Grade Submission, click on the dropbox to open it.  Once in the dropbox, locate the table displaying all submissions.

  4. Use the Crumb Trail or the Course Materials Tab to return to the drop box and the table of submissions. Click the Title of a submission to open the Grade Submission Window (shown below).





















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