Instructor Step-by-Step:

How to create an assessment using teams to meet test access and accomodation needs

The right of students with disabilities to appropriate test access and accomodations is required by law.  myCourses allows you to modify a single assessment using teams to meet the required needs of all students in a course.

  1. Create two teams.  (Go to the Manage Tab --> Teams --> Add a Team)
    • One team should consist of everyone in the class except the student(s) that require modifications (i.e., additional time, different access dates)
    • The second team should consist of the student(s) that require modifications
    • Set both teams to be "hidden" from view

      Custom Team Settings for an Assessment
  2. Create your assessment and then go to the "settings" for that assessment
  3. Click on the Access tab
  4. Set Team Access to "Selected Teams"
  5. Put a checkmark next to both teams
  6. Click the hyperlink on the name of the team which requires modifications and make the necessary changes (see screen capture to the right).  Enter 1 in the Team Priority box.  Click save and you will see an asterisk next to the team that has special settings.  The default settings for the assessment will be applied to the other team.




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