Instructor Step-by-Step:

tab Customization

  1. To customize the course tabs, click the Manage Tab and then click the Tab Settings link, located in the middle column under "Course Settings."

    Tab Customization
  2. To Rename a Tab:  Editing the text box Label (the column heading is circled in blue on the diagram) will change the name that is displayed in the tab bar.

  3. To Disable a Tab, select Disable from the Viewable By dropdown menu in the row that corresponds to the tab you wish to disable.  The column heading is circled in green on the diagram.

  4. To Redirect a Tab: Enter a full web address in the text box titled URL to redirect a tab to that website.  Be sure to include the full URL (e.g.,  The column heading is circled in gold  on the diagram.

  5. To Modify Permissions to a Tab: Select the desired permissions from the Viewable By dropdown menu (e.g., you might want to restrict a tab to Course Assistants only).
  6. To Change which tab is the default home page for the course (i.e., what page is seen when entering the course), click the drop-down menu under Start Tab and choose the name of the desired tab. The start tab is circled in red on the diagram.




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