Instructor Step-by-Step:

Tokens (Personalization)

  1. What are tokens? 
    Tokens are a tool that can be used in different areas in order to personalize interaction with students.  These tokens may be used in page text or other context.  When used, the content manager will automatically replace each token with the appropriate value.  Some of the most common tokens are described next with an example first to better explain how to use them.

  2. Example:

    • In your "About this Section" component on the course homepage, you could put the following:  Welcome to SOCL-100-03 $FIRST_NAME$!
    • The student would see:  Welcome to SOCL-100-03 Laura!
  3. Common User Tokens:

    • $FIRST_NAME$  ---- The first name of the user accessing the system
    • $LAST_NAME$ ---- The last name of the user accessing the system
    • $USER_ID$ ---- The user ID of the user accessing the system (Geneseo email username)
    • $USER_NAME$ ---- The full name of the user accessing the system (First and last name)
  4. There are many other tokens that can be used.  An example would be to use tokens for assessment grade results personalized to each student.  See the online help within myCourses for more advanced uses of tokens (Note: Tokens should not be used in email, as the forwarded copy to the Geneseo email account will not display properly).



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