Instructor Step-by-Step Guide:


The Tracking function allows you to monitor your course environment and to specify content items within that environment for the purpose of reporting.


Set Tracking for Individual ItemsActivitySummaryDetail

The tracking feature is accessed by clicking on the Course Materials Tab.  Choose an existing item or click add content to create a new one. Click on Settings (hover over item and settings appears under the item name)> Advanced button > Access Tab. Next to User Tracking, choose the group you would like to track. If the item you have chosen is a folder, enable user tracking as described above and then scroll down to Cascade Settings. Make sure Tracking is checked as well as any other settings you are interested in viewing.  Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Viewing Reports for Individual Items

Within the Course Materials Tab, hover your mouse over a content item and click on Reports. Click on Activity Summary to display the number of times each user has accessed this item.When finished reviewing, click the Done button to get back to the list of reports.


Click Activity Detail in order to view the report shown to the right in the figure.  Notice there are no entries in the Details column. This column will have entries for quiz or survey items only. When finished reviewing, click the Done button. The results of tracking settings can also be viewed in the Reports tab, Report Settings, Category Content.





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