Native American Studies Course Offerings

Spring 2016

ANTH 207  Prehistoric Cultures of North America

HIIST 262 American Indian Law and Public Policy (REQUIRED for the minor)

HIST 362   History of the Iroquois: From Pre-Contact to Present

The following courses with an online component are offered through Hybrid Course Sharing in Native American Studies. For more information on the COPLAC initiative and individual courses, go to and click on Hybrid Course Sharing. Permission of the instructor is required.

INTD 388 Experimental: Native Strategies for Survival, 1880-1920

INTD 388 Experimental: Colonialism and Reconciliation

INTD 388 Experimental: Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

Fall 2015

ANTH 209  M/Ethnography of the Iroquois

ANTH 235  S/M/Ancient Civilizations of the Americas

ANTH 260  M/Myths and Folktales of American Indians

ENGL 336 Native American Literature

HIST 261 M/U/Native American History

Spring 2015

ENGL 458 Major Authors: Leslie Marmon Silko

HIST 221 Research in History: Native American History, 1492-1838

HIST 261   M/U/Native American History