Standard 3: Field and Clinical Practice

3.3.a Collaborative Activites Between Unit and P-12 Schools

File Attachments:

Agenda for Principal's Retreat - Differentiated Instruction Initiative  

Differentiated Instruction Initiative with Genesee Valley Educational Partnership

Sample agendas and minutes from Joint Management Team Meetings  

Survive and Thrive Panel Presentation   

Survive and Thrive Panel Presentation Letter to Presenters

Technology Partnership with School 58

Urban Literacy Clinics Chapter


Web Links:

Clinical Experiences in Advanced Programs

East High School's Avid Program


Kennedy-Willis Center at Pathfinder Village

LIVES Program

Saturday School in Rochester, NY

School #58 Teaching With Technology Program

Student Research Examples - GREAT Day

Students Teaching in Ghana

University of Exeter Exchange Program

Xerox Center RYSAG Summer Program


3.3.b Policies, Practices and Data on Candidate Placement in Field Experience

Web Links:

Commissioner's Regulations - 52.21

Ella Cline Shear School of Education Field Exp.

Field Placement

Student Teaching


3.3.c Criteria For the Selection of Clinical Faculty (Higher Education and P-12)

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Clinical Faculty - Supervisor Job Description


3.3.d Examples of Support and Evaluation of Clinical Faculty Across Programs

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Candidate Review of College Supervisor

Cooperating Teacher Review of College Supervisor


3.3.e Field Experience and Clinical Practice Guidelines/Handbooks

Web Links:

Student Teaching Handbook


3.3.f Field Experience Assessment Instruments and Scoring Guides

File Attachments:

Impact on Student Learning Evaluation Form

Technology Integration Lesson Rubric

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Early Childhood (PreK-K)

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Early Childhood (Grades 1-2)

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Childhood and Childhood w/ Special Education

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Adolescence - English

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Adolescence - Foreign Language

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Adolescence - Math

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Adolescence - Science

Student Teaching Evaluation:  Adolescence - Social Studies