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Standard 4: Diversity

4.3.a Proficiencies Related to Diversity

Conceptual Framework Dispositions

All candidates will demonstrate a positive attitude toward teaching and learning by:

  1. Developing a Professional Stance
    1. Meeting professional and ethical standards
    2. Communicating appropriately and working collaboratively
    3. Demonstrating a commitment to child advocacy

  2. Demonstrating Active Engagement in Teaching
    1. Promoting active learning for all students
    2. Demonstrating a commitment to reflective inquiry and practice
    3. Seeking and responding to opportunities for change and growth

  3. Welcoming Diversity
    1. Treating all people with respect
    2. Seeking out curriculum materials that respect and support diversity
    3. Demonstrating a genuine interest in working with diverse students


File Attachments:

Agenda for Principal's Retreat - Differentiated Instruction Initiative


Web Links:

Cultural Harmony Week

Diversity Lecture: Gay and Lesbian Studies

Geneseo Named to National Community Service Honor

Geneseo Opp. for Leadership Dev. - GOLD

Multicultural Clubs and Organizations

Multicultural Programs

Multicultural Teacher Education Graduate Program

President's Commission on Diversity and Community

Procedures for Students to Report Bias-Related Inc

Student Organizations

Toby Ring National Leadership Award

Xerox Center Home Page


4.3.b Curriculum Components That Address Diversity Proficiency

File Attachments:

Chart of Diversity Components Mapped to Courses

Real World Geneseo


Web Links:

Gow School

Pathfinder Village

Student Teaching In Ghana

Student Teaching in New York City

SUNY Geneseo L.I.V.E.S. Program

SUNY Geneseo/University of Exeter Exchange Program

Xerox Multicultural Center


4.3.c Assessment Instruments, Scoring Guides, and Data Related to Diversity

File Attachments:

Alumni Survey Questions

Employer Survey

Standard 4 Diversity Alumni Survey

Standard 4 Diversity Classroom Plan

Standard 4 Diversity Lesson Plan and Reflection

Standard 4 Diversity Unit Plan

Standard 4 Statement of Philosophy and Beliefs


4.3.d Data Table on Faculty Demographics

File Attachments:

Data Table for Full and Part Time Faculty


4.3.e Data Table on Candidate Demographics

File Attachments:

Appendix B - Data Table on Candidate Demographics

SUNY Geneseo Undergraduate Student Demographic Table

Table of International Students

4.3.f Data Tables on Demographics of P-12 Students in Schools Used for Clinical Practice

File Attachments:

Data Table on Demographics of P-12 Students in Schools Used for Clinical Practice



4.3.h Policies and Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Candidates

Web Links:

Middle States Students & Campus Life Wiki Page

President's Commission on Diversity and Community

AOP Website

Xerox Scholarships


4.3.i Policies, Practices, Procedures that Facilitate Candidate Exp. w/Students from Diverse Groups

File Attachments:

Diversity Tables on P-12 Students - Monroe1 BOCES

Education Types 2009-2010

Ethnicities 2009 - 2010


Web Links:

Candidate Faculty Research Projects

Rochester Young Scholars Academy