Standard 6: Unit Governance & Resources


6.3.a Policies, Procedures, and Practices for Governance and Operations

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College and School of Education Alignment Chart

Plan of Governance


Web Links:

Geneseo's Six Big Ideas


6.3.b Organizational Chart & Unit Governance

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Academic Affairs Organizational Chart

Course Approval Flow Chart

SOE Organizational Chart


6.3.c Policies, Procedures, and Practices for Advising and Counseling

Web Links:

Dean's Office

Spring 2012 Advisement Newsletter


6.3.d Recruiting and Admission Policies for Candidates

Web Links:

SOE Admissions Policies and Practices

SUNY Geneseo Admissions Office Information


6.3.e Academic Calendars, Catalogs, Unit Publications, Grading Policies and Unit Advertising

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Grading Policies - Graduate Program

Grading Policies - Undergraduate

Web Links:

Calendar Links

Geneseo Honored as "Best Value" again

Graduate Guide

Undergraduate Bulletin

US News and Worl Report Rankings

6.3.f Unit Budget

Web Links:

Shaping Lives of Purpose


6.3.h Policies, Procedures, and Practices for Faculty Workload

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Online Course Proposal Form

School of Education Faculty Workloads

School of Education Faculty/Staff Details


6.3.i Candidates' Access to Resources



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Book and Media Allocation 2010-2011

Library Resources that Support Teaching and Learning

PowerPoint Overview of Materials Available in Milne Library

SOE and Milne Library Facilities


Web Links:

Library Floor Plan

Milne Library Newsletter

Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC)

Tri-County Teacher Resource Center


6.3.j Description of Resources for Distance Learning

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Computing and Information Technology

Online Course Proposal Form

Technology Committee Recommendations for Online Courses