For Immediate Release — March 15, 2004


College Joins National CampusEAI Consortium

GENESEO, N.Y. — CampusEAI, a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate collaboration among member institutions of higher education for the purpose of sharing, developing, and distributing community source software and digital content, has granted the State University of New York at Geneseo $1 million in software and services over the next five years to support the college’s campus portal research and development.

The grant provides for assessment and planning services, on-site installation and configuration of the portal, on-site training for system administrators, upgrades, testing, and documentation needed to develop and deploy a portal that will serve as a gateway to the World Wide Web, and a starting point for accessing Web-delivered content and services. A portal is a gateway to a variety of electronic services. Some major portals include Yahoo, AOL and Excite.

"The portal will make it easier for students, faculty and staff to access online services pertinent to them from one Web page, with their user name and password," said Susan Chichester, director of Computing and Information Technology at SUNY Geneseo. "Integration of our current systems, such as e-mail, KnightWeb, calendar and future systems, into the portal is critical." As a recipient of the grant, Geneseo becomes a member of the exclusive CampusEAI Community, facilitating collaborative work among member institutions such as UNC-Chapel Hill, Case Western Reserve University, University of Oklahoma and Washington State University.

"We are proud to have SUNY Geneseo join the Consortium, and look forward to working with Geneseo to develop, deploy and support its campus portal," said Anjli Jain, executive director of CampusEAI. "The grant, coupled with community source development, will enable Geneseo to implement its portal project initiatives in a cost-effective manner."

Considered New York’s public honors college, Geneseo is the most selective institution within SUNY, and offers an education that is comparable in quality to the educational experience available at many of the nation’s finest private colleges and universities. For more information, see or call (585) 245-5211.

CampusEAI is a Cleveland-based non-profit organization established in partnership with institutions and organizations that share a common vision and commitment to delivering advanced teaching, learning and research technologies cost-effectively through community source collaboration. For more information about CampusEAI, visit

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