For Immediate Release — July 6, 2004


Mary E. McCrank

Media Relations Officer

(585) 245-5516



GENESEO, N.Y. — SUNY Geneseo has selected five faculty members to receive 2004 summer research fellowship awards for research into areas from across the liberal arts and science spectrum.

Douglas Bicket (communication), Douglas Anderson (art) and Joseph Cope (history) were awarded to receive 2004 Presidential Fellowships, which provide newer faculty with an opportunity to undertake research and other scholarly activities. Rachel Hall (English) and Christopher C. Leary (mathematics) were selected 2004 Mid-Career Research Fellowships, which support the research and creative projects of faculty who have been with the college at least six years.

The Presidential Fellowships each carry an award of $3,500, funded by an allocation from the President. The projects are as follows:

Joseph Cope’s project, Victims and Survivors: War Relief During the 1641 Irish Rebellion, will allow him to rework his Ph.D. thesis for publication as a monograph. Cope’s work locates the rising within a British context and contends that one of the most significant and often overlooked dimensions of the rising is the disjunction between the war as experienced by New English Protestants in Ireland and the war as represented in the English political and print culture.

Douglas Anderson’s project, The Twelve Labors of Hercules, is an interdisciplinary collaboration between a visual artist and a composer. Anderson will establish the stylistic direction of a series of paintings and musical pieces that will be based on the myth, The Twelve Labors of Hercules. The project outcome is to produce 12 paintings and a musical score that correspond to the project’s title.

Douglas Bicket’s project, Re-Imaging the Post-9/11 U.S. Public Sphere Through the British News Media, will examine the increased presence and role of selected British news media outlets in the U.S. Relatively free of the political-economic factors that have so successfully constrained the U.S. news media in the post-9/11 world, British media have become significant de factor appendages to the mediated public sphere in America, even framing the war on terrorism in ways that are very critical of U.S. policy.

The faculty selected to receive Mid-Career Summer Research Fellowships will each receive $4,000, funded by the Geneseo Foundation. The projects are as follows:

Rachel Hall’s project is titled Heirlooms, a collection of linked stories that follow a French Jewish family from the early days of World War II to the present. Hall will explore the rhythms and repetitions within history and individual lives, and the way that loss and sadness get inherited or passed on to future generations. Her collection will include 12 stories. She has already written three, one of which was published in The Gettysburg Review.

Christopher Leary’s project, titled Small World Networks, will use a computer model of an idealized ecosystem to investigate questions concerning the development of small world networks, which is a system of relationships between individuals where each individual is related to every other individual through a relatively small number of intermediate steps.

Recipients must devote two consecutive summer months to their project.