Feb. 04, 2011

Sexual Assault Teach In: March 6

SAT - Sexual Assualt Teach-in -logo

All students, staff, and faculty interested in learning about campus sexual assault and about solutions to this problem are invited to attend the Sexual Assault Teach In (SAT) on March 6, 2011 from 1 to 4 pm in the  College Union Ballroom.

The SAT will be filled with information and discussion, and will feature speaker Dr. Dorothy Edwards, the founding director of the University of Kentucky’s Violence Intervention and Prevention Center.  

Advanced registration and  reading are required -- visit go.geneseo.edu/sexualassaultteachin to sign up and access the  readings.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Katz, Psychology (katz@geneseo.edu) or Melinda DuBois, Health and Counseling (dubois@geneseo.edu)