Aug. 26, 2009

Bystander Intervention Training - Alan D. Berkowitz, Ph.D.

Bystander Intervention Training - Alan D. Berkowitz, Ph.D.
will be presented on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 from 1:15PM- 4:15PM in Newton 204 sponsored by College Union & Activities and Residence Life.
The role that bystanders can play in addressing health and social justice issues is receiving increasing attention.
Bystanders have the potential to intervene to prevent violence against women, hazing, when observing prejudicial remarks and behavior, and when individuals engage in behaviors damaging to personal health and well being.
Bystander intervention approaches encourage us to trust the voice within that senses when a wrong is being committed and to overcome the barriers that keep us from acting on our concern. Alan D. Berkowitz, Ph.D.


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