Mar. 25, 2011

Campus Organizations Call for Five-Year Rational Tuition Plan

Albany Capitol Building

GENESEO, N.Y. - Three SUNY Geneseo organizations have passed resolutions calling for the implementation of a five-year rational tuition plan for SUNY with assurance that all tuition revenues stay on SUNY campuses without corresponding cuts.

The Geneseo Student Association, the College Senate and the College Council (a community advisory board) have sent their resolutions to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Legislature in recent weeks to offset a $2 million Geneseo budget gap created in the governor's executive budget. In addition, 76 Geneseo students went to Albany March 1 to argue their case before state legislators. The Geneseo Alumni Association Board has also endorsed a similar resolution.

The resolutions call for a responsible and equitable five-year tuition plan so students and families can plan ahead for college finances instead of facing jolting, unpredictable tuition increases tailored to immediate financial considerations. The College Council resolution states that a $200 per semester tuition increase would enable Geneseo and other SUNY campuses to escape further cost-cutting measures such as the deactivation of three academic programs Geneseo implemented in December.

SUNY's current tuition is $4,970 per year and is among the lowest in the nation. The governor's office has "swept" a large percentage of revenues from recent SUNY tuition increases to pay for other gaps in the state budget.

The resolutions coincide with an editorial in the March 25 Democrat and Chronicle calling for a rational SUNY tuition plan.

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