Jun. 07, 2012

College Creates New National Alumni Council


GENESEO, N.Y. - SUNY Geneseo President Christopher C. Dahl has announced the formation of a Geneseo National Alumni Council, which will consolidate the college's 18 regional alumni organizations into a single structure.

Dahl said that the council will be linked to the Geneseo Foundation Board and the college's other alumni and community organizations to "significantly extend the footprint of Geneseo throughout the nation."

Foundation Board Chair Jack Kramer '76 announced that John Gleason '87, a global financial services industry executive for more than 25 years, will chair the council. Serving as vice chairs are Tracie Lopardi Brown '95 from the Buffalo region; Gary Grose '87 from the Chicago region; and Bob Muller '83 from the Los Angeles region. The council will be comprised of the co-chairs from each of the regional alumni committees.

"This is the most significant development for Geneseo alumni in the college's history," said Dahl. "It will add structure to the alumni volunteer organizations across the country by developing and executing an organized program of engagement, outreach initiatives and significant work on behalf of the college."

Dahl and Kramer announced formation of the new council and Gleason's appointment prior to an alumni planning summit held on campus earlier this spring, where Geneseo graduates from around the country assembled to provide input on critical issues impacting the future direction of the college.

"With continued national recognition of Geneseo as a top-tier public liberal arts college, it is imperative that we build a corresponding national alumni organization to help the college in reinforcing Geneseo's mission," said Gleason. "I'm very excited to get the opportunity to work with Tracie, Gary and Bob in building a well-coordinated national alumni organization focused on helping the college, alumni and current students."

Kramer praised the work of the regional committees in engaging Geneseo alumni the past two years by fostering more alumni connections.

"We must continue to capture the energy these committees have created, and this new organizational framework will provide a strong structure to support the college's advancement initiatives," said Kramer.

Dahl emphasized that the national council would be connected to all of Geneseo's alumni and community organizations, including the Alumni Association of Geneseo, the Roundtable Athletic Association, and Community Advocates.

"The role of the national council is intended to supplement and enhance the good work of these other organizations," said Dahl. "It will synthesize all alumni engagement efforts. This will be an organization with a pointed purpose and an agenda of action, substance and expected outcomes."

The council evolved from an alumni engagement initiative two years ago to develop a national audience of Geneseo alumni in connection with the college's current capital campaign, Shaping Lives of Purpose: The Campaign for Geneseo. Eighteen regional committees have formed since then and 155 volunteers have been enlisted to provide regional events enabling Geneseo alumni to initiate and develop relationships with each other and the college. More than 150 events have been held and more than 11,000 alumni have attended the events, which Dahl says have generated considerable energy for the campaign.

The regional committees represent the following regions: Albany; Buffalo; Chicago; Colorado; Florida (east and west coasts); Long Island; Los Angeles; New England; New Jersey (North); New York City; North Carolina; Philadelphia/ New Jersey (South); Rochester; San Francisco; Syracuse; Westchester/Connecticut; and Washington, D.C.

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