Mar. 30, 2012

'Covered: Activists, Journalists, and News in a Shifting Media Landscape': 4/4


Sarah Sobieraj '93, professor of sociology at Tufts University, will speak on "Covered: Activists, Journalists, and News in a Shifting Media Landscape" on April 4 at 2:30pm in Newton 201.  The event is free and open to the public.

Sobieraj asserts that activists' all-consuming media work fails to generate news coverage, undermines their ability to communicate with pedestrians, and damages the groups themselves. Her talk will unravel why news coverage is so difficult to garner, and explore alternatives to media-centrism. The presentation will close with a brief discussion of the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests and the role of new media in activism today.

Sobieraj, a SUNY Geneseo graduate, studies issues of political voice and visibility in the United States, with a focus on the emphases and omissions of mainstream political media.Her most recent journal articles can be found in Political Communication, Social Problems, Sociological Theory, Sociological Inquiry and Social Science Quarterly. Her book, Soundbitten: The Perils of Media Centered Political Activism (NYU Press, 2011) examines activist voices that are often underrepresented in political media, while her book-in-progress, The Outrage Industry (with Jeff Berry) examines a set of charismatic yet polarizing political talk media celebrities whose opinions and antics receive no shortage of airtime.

For more information, please contact the department of political science at 585-245-5371.