Oct. 17, 2011

Campus Celebrating Cultural Harmony Week Oct. 22-30


GENESEO, N.Y. - SUNY Geneseo is celebrating Cultural Harmony Week Oct. 22-30 with events designed to address a wide variety of community and diversity issues, including race, gender, ethnicity and non-Western culture. This year's theme, "The ‘UN' Speakable," will explore topics in our society that impact social and communication skills, including jokes, civil discourse, cultural permission and media influences.

The college plans an entire week of programming both inside and outside the classroom to deepen students' understanding and awareness of important aspects of human behavior and social organization.

The keynote speaker for the week is Teja Arboleda, an actor, speaker and educator, who will address "Crossing the Line: Comedians, Politicians and Shock Jocks" Oct. 25 at 4 p.m. in Sturges Hall Auditorium. Arboleda also is a television producer, director and writer who often digs into issues of freedom of speech. He has a bachelor's degree in visual and linguistic socio-communications and a master's degree in education. His PBS documentary, "Crossing the Line: Multiracial Comedians," won the 2009 Silver Telly Award for best documentary. His address is open to the public without charge.

Activities during the week support the Division of Student and Campus Life's learning outcomes and are envisioned as an extension of the social sciences core requirement, which works to deepen students' understanding and awareness of important aspects of human behavior and social organization; to increase students' understanding of the human condition and human institutions; and to augment the non-western traditions graduation requirement seeking to focus students' attention on ideas, experiences, and concepts existing outside Western traditions.

Among scheduled activities for the week:

Geneseo Late Knight "Lights, Camera, Action!"
College Union
Saturday, October 22 from 9pm-1am
Students and campus organizations create a 2 minute commercial to be aired on GSTV throughout the semester.

PSA Competition
College Union
Saturday, October 22 from 9pm-1am
Film a public service announcement revolving around social, political, and cultural issues that will be aired on GSTV throughout the semester.

WALL OF WORDS: Your Thoughts Visualized
College Union Lobby and Milne Library
Sunday, October 23 -Thursday, October 27, all day
A campus wide event where students, faculty, and staff can openly share personal thoughts and beliefs.

Funny You Should Say That: Exploring Comedic Clips
College Union Ballroom
Monday, October 24. First screening at 6pm. Second screening at 7pm.
Come watch and discuss the culture of comedy clips with Assistant Professor, Dr. Atsushi Tajima, Communication Department.

Crossing The Line: Comedians, Politicians, & Shock Jocks
Sturges Auditorium
Tuesday, October 25 at 4pm.
Actor, speaker, and educator Teja Arboleda discusses the reinforcement of stereotypes by the powerful, famous, and rich and how this may overstep the Freedom of Speech.

Civil Society and Politics in South Korea by Dr. Changkuk Jung
College Union, Rm 322/32
Wednesday, October 26 at 4:30 pm.
Dr. Jung will present the complexity of civil society and politics in South Korea.

Everyone Loves Flavor...
Mosaic Room, College Union
Thursday, October 27, 12pm-1pm.
Come learn about different heritages and practices by sampling food from a variety of cultures.

"Racializing Others: Minority Portrayal in Popular Media." Dr. Atsushi Tajima, Assistant Professor, Communication
College Union, Rm 322-323
Thursday, October 27, 4pm-5pm.
Dr. Atsushi Tajima discusses how global media portrays and creates news and entertainment and how these portrayals shape viewer opinion.

International Film Festival, Featured Film: The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, with Robert Goeckel, Professor, Political Science & International Relations
Newton 204
Thursday, October 27 at 7pm.
This Romanian film centers on Mr. Lazarescu's attempts to obtain medical treatment for his alcohol-induced illness and the harsh treatment he receives from medical personnel.

Intercultural Dinner
College Union Ballroom
Sunday, October 30 at 5:30 pm
Come eat great dishes from a variety of cultures sponsored by ACE and SA.
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