Apr. 10, 2014

Get Social with Main Stream Geneseo

main stream geneseo HPC.jpg

SUNY Geneseo introduces Main Stream Geneseo. Main Stream Geneseo was created by the College Communications department to aggregate moderated social media content in one location. This feature helps tell story of life before, during and after Geneseo, using content created in part by the Geneseo community. Main Stream Geneseo combines the college's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Viewers will be able to share posts so that the page will attract and engage many others with an interest in the college. Those who would like their social posts to be included on the page can tag their content with the hashtag #GeneseoStream.

With so many social media accounts to follow in a variety of platforms, it's difficult to follow and participate in all of the conversations. Main Stream Geneseo provides a solution to the Geneseo community, allowing users to see the College's moderated social media content in one place.

Student photos, alumni accomplishments, faculty interactions and mentions of all-things-Geneseo can be showcased. Anyone who has tagged their content with #GeneseoStream may be featured on Main Stream Geneseo, and we encourage you to do so!