Oct. 26, 2011

'The Grapes of Wrath': 11/9 - 11/13


The Grapes of Wrath
Adapted by Frank Gallati (John Steinbeck)
Directed by Randy Barbara Kaplan
Wednesday, November 9 - Saturday, November 12 at 8pm
Sunday, November 13 at 2pm

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the Brodie Box office and online.


The SUNY-Geneseo Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to present THE GRAPES OF WRATH, John Steinbeck's classic American novel adapted for the stage by Frank Galati.  Thirty student actors are joined by a women's "church choir" to enact the epic story of the Joad family's journey from their Oklahoma home to California as they seek work and food after they have been "tractored off" the family farm during the Dust Bowl era. Though they suffer from deprivation and assaults to their dignity, though they lose family members to death and desertion, they ultimately triumph over degradation.

The large ensemble features performances by students Maryanne Agius, Russell Allen, Amy Bishop, Meaghan Castle, Jane Coons, Charlotte Cwikowski, Alexander Dee, Liam Enright, Joshua Horowitz, Michael Kedenburg, Kristoffer Kielich, Matthew Little, Katherine Mapley, Emily McDevitt, Christina Mortellaro, Haider Murtaza, Hamza Murtaza, Jonathan Mushock, Paul Pedziwiatr, David Sak, Lauren E. Scheibly, Nicholas Simmons, Amanda Skinner, Luke Taverne, and Samuel White. We also are happy to welcome Hunter Radesi of Geneseo Central Middle School to our campus as a member of the cast. Elizabeth McDermott stage manages the production, assisted by Casey Gilbert and Katherine Mandracchia; Jonathan Mushock serves as Dance Captain. The women's choir is conducted by two students, Kimberly Olsen and Elizabeth Sackett. Professor Randy Kaplan directed and choreographed the production with sets and props by Professor Steven Stubblefield, including a moving "Hudson" truck; costumes by Professor Crystal Ferrell; lighting and sound design, and technical direction by Professor Johnnie Ferrell; and makeup design by student Chandra Knotts. Professor Jim Kimball and his Geneseo String Band very kindly contributed their talents to the square dance that is performed in the second act.


Questions? Please contact the director Randy Kaplan at kaplanr@geneseo.edu