Jan. 25, 2013

SUNY Geneseo to Launch Its First MOOC Jan. 27


GENESEO, N.Y. - SUNY Geneseo is launching its first massive open online course (MOOC) Jan. 27 during which its members will explore "Identity in the Third Space," an introduction to personal, ethical and legal issues surrounding identity on the Internet.

The MOOC is free and open to anyone and currently has 41 members, mostly Geneseo alumni. Participants will have the opportunity to join the discussion by registering online and connecting to the MOOC through the Internet.

"We're excited to take our first steps in the world of MOOCs and we're pleased that many of our alumni and others are joining us to learn about Internet identity and to also share their expertise," said Provost Carol Long. "Geneseo is committed to exploring effective and efficient ways to use technology to connect with people - and MOOCs are the way of the future."

Doug Baldwin, professor of computer science at Geneseo, said the topic will remain open for discussion for about four weeks.

"This is basically an experiment in open, online education in which we encourage interesting, intellectually stimulating conversation," said Baldwin. "It is not a full credit-bearing course but an effort to reach out to our alumni and others interested in learning about a topic with an opportunity to participate in the discussion from wherever they are."

Geneseo's MOOC will explore the following topics related to Internet identity:

● Basic concepts, e.g., what do we mean by "identity," and why is identity on the Internet different from identity in the physical world?

● Everyday experiences of identity on the Internet

● Alternative identities - and when and why concealing all or part of one's identity is either desirable or undesirable

● Online communities, groups, neo-tribes and virtual clans

● Ethical considerations

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