Sexual Misconduct:
Options for Students

  1. Report the incident to and pursue criminal charges through law enforcement.

    University Police Emergency 585-245-5222 or 911
    Livingston County Sheriff’s Office 585-243-7100 or 911
    Geneseo Village Police Department 585-243-2420 or 911

    Upon reviewing the facts of the case, a law enforcement agency may arrest the accused. Thereafter, the District Attorney may decide to prosecute the matter.  If so, the alleged victim may be required to testify.  Once criminal charges are initiated, charges cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the District Attorney’s Office.

  2. Report the incident to the Dean of Students/Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards.

    Dean of Students/Assistant Dean of Students    585-245-5706/5714

    If the accused is a student at the College, and the alleged victim wants the matter handled internally through the College conduct system, the alleged victim may choose to report the incident to the Dean of Students/Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. If the accused is found accountable, the College will take action in accordance with its Student Code of Conduct.

  3. File a sexual harassment grievance.

    Title IX Coordinator 585-245-5616

    Because sexual assault is considered to be a severe form of sexual harassment, a alleged victim may wish to file a sexual harassment grievance with the Title IX Coordinator. This person is responsible for ensuring a non-discriminatory campus environment that is free from harassment.  The Title IX Coordinator will undertake an investigation. This investigation may involve taking statements from the alleged victim, the accused, and pertinent witnesses. This process will allow the Title IX Coordinator to address cases of sexual misconduct both in terms of the individual alleged victim and also in terms of the institution. There will be two main approaches: informal or formal.

    The campus Title IX Coordinator is Adrienne Collier. She can be reached at (585)245-5020 or

  4. Document the incident that has occurred, but pursue no further action.

    A alleged victim may report the incident to one or more of the above but decide not to proceed further. However, a confidential report about the incident (date, time, location) will be shared with the Dean of Students, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and University Police to ensure that accurate sexual misconduct records are kept.  The College may take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond to the complaint consistent with the alleged victim’s request in an effort to prevent similar incidents. Please be advised that a request to remain anonymous may limit the College’s ability to take actions on an alleged victim’s report.