Sexual Misconduct:
Reporting to Campus Law Enforcement

When students who are victims of sexual misconduct report the incidents to UPD, they may specify whether they want an investigation initiated.  If UPD receives a report that does not identify the victim, UPD may still investigate. UPD also may follow up with the alleged victim who reported the event to be able to gather more information (e.g., to found or unfound the case or to warn others about a specific hazard).  If UPD officers believe there is a hazard to the larger community (such as a serial rapist), an investigation may be initiated independent of the alleged victim’s wishes for the good of the campus community.

Upon reviewing the facts of a given case, a law enforcement agency may arrest the accused. Thereafter, the Livingston County District Attorney may decide to prosecute the matter.  If so, a alleged victim may be required to testify.  Once criminal charges are initiated, a alleged victim cannot withdraw charges without the consent of the District Attorney’s Office.  If criminal charges are filed, the College will work with the District Attorney's office to ensure that the College action does not impact on the criminal proceedings.

Alleged victim chooses to report to law enforcement (UPD, GPD, State Police, Sheriff)-->

An investigation is conducted-->

Law enforcement or the District Attorney will determine the next step.