Off Campus Housing


Eligibility: Please note--current students who are Freshmen or Sophomores must satisfy their two year residency requirement as explained in the residence license or be released from their housing contract prior to moving off-campus.

GOLD Workshops: Whether you just signed a lease to live off campus, or are currently living off campus, there is a lot involved in making your off campus living experience a success. The transition can seem overwhelming, but SUNY Geneseo's GOLD Program can help. Each semester, GOLD provides a variety of workshops that are geared towards living within the Geneseo community in an apartment or house. Past workshops have ranged anywhere from information about village ordinances, to the steps to take after you've signed a lease. To look for workshops being offered this semester that fall under this category, visit the GOLD Workshop Registration page here.  


The Housing Registry

To assist current students, faculty and staff with their housing search, the Assistant Dean of Students has secured The Housing Registry service. This database contains apartments and rooms for rent, as well as a roommate registry. The housing and roommate search features are available to the SUNY Geneseo community through the use of their College email. Property Owners, Rental Agents and non-members of the College Community are invited to post their rental vacancies on The Housing Registry free of charge. Please read and follow the Posting Guidelines as they are strictly enforced. All postings must comply with the Fair Housing Act and all local, State and Federal rules and regulations.

Picture of SUNY Geneseo link to The Housing Registry


List A Sublet Form: The purpose of this form is to allow students in search of subletters for any open rooms in their apartment or house to post their listing information on one consolidated page. This GoogleDoc form accessible to all SUNY Geneseo students. If you are in a position where you are looking to fill space in your off campus home or apartment, please follow this link in order to post your listing so that prospective tenants can access it. Please make the information you provide on your available space as detailed as possible. 

Find a Sublet to Rent: This form can be utilized for students in search of off campus living options. Listings in this form have all been posted by fellow students who are looking to fill open space in their apartment or home. Each listing provides the semester and year the tenant would be subletting, location of the available space, costs, as well as the contact information for the individual in search of a subletter for the property. Because the listings do not come from Landlords or Rental Agents, students are urged to contact the official landlord or property owner of the listing in order to ensure accurate information regarding costs and inclusion of electric and utilities. View student listings by following this link.


Facebook & Twitter: Follow these pages for information regarding off campus living, as well as postings on upcoming events and opportunities within the Geneseo community for students living off campus.