Courses at SUNY Geneseo are offered year-round. Fall semester is held from late August to December. Spring semester is held from the end of January through mid-May. Upcoming term dates are as follows:

SPRING TERM2013201420152016
Classes Begin*Jan. 22Jan. 21Jan. 20Jan. 19
Spring Break (no classes)March 18-22March 17-21March 16-20March 15-19
Final ExamsMay 9-15May 8-14May 7-13May 6-13
Classes Begin*Aug. 26Aug. 25Aug.24Aug.23
Break (no classes)Oct. 14-15Oct. 13-14Oct. 12-13Oct. 11-12
Thanksgiving (no classes)Nov. 27-29Nov. 26-28Nov. 25-27Nov. 24-27
Final ExamsDec. 11-17Dec. 10-16Dec. 9-15Dec. 8-14

*Your acceptance letter will list the dates you should arrive in Geneseo, approximately ONE WEEK before the beginning date of your semester of study, in order to participate in our college’s International Student Orientation.

Deadline for Receipt of Application and Accompanying Documents:

  • For Spring Semester Study: October 1
  • For Fall Semester or Academic Year Study: March 30