Class of 2016 E-Lert, Issue II

Welcome New Knights!

Getting excited for your Orientation session?! As of June 15, there are only 10 days until the first Orientation session! Be sure to check your Geneseo email regularly as communication is being sent out regarding Orientation!  Click here for a few last minute reminders before you arrive at Orientation.



Orientation Advisors at Papa Jay's, located in Geneseo, NY.  We just finished enjoying a variety of homemade ice cream flavors.

Geneseo Lingo

Getting ready to come to Orientation? Learn some Geneseo catchphrases that you might hear during your time on-campus!


Geneseo Catchphrase


Cardiac Hill
The steep hill North-villagers brave daily.
CASCampus Auxiliary Services operates campus dining services, catering, ID cards, bookstore, laundry facilities in residence halls, vending machines, and campus television.
Club MilneHow students refer to Milne Library, especially during midterms and finals when they spend more time in the library than anywhere else on campus!
FYPFirst-Year Programming (Follow us on Twitter @GeneseoFYP)
GFRGeneseo First Response--the student run EMS agency at Geneseo or Geneseo Family Restaurant--a family restaurant located on Main Street.
GOLDGeneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) offers workshops and leadership development programs for all Geneseo students. Create a GOLD account today!
GSTV Geneseo's own student-run TV station.
Knightlink is a way to connect with clubs and organizations.
Late Knight (GLK)
 Regularly scheduled, quality late-night entertainment between 10pm and 2am Thursday-Saturday.
Livingston Area Transit System: Free shuttle bus that runs around Geneseo daily, including campus, and also goes to Rochester on the weekends. Learn more here.
Mary Jemison Dining Hall, the a la carte dining option for lunch, located in the Central Village.
Orientation Advisor
Resident Assistant
Residence Director
Red Jacket Dining Hall, an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall located in the South Village.
Seuss Spruce
Go to Sturges Quad--you'll recognize the tree when you see it!
SOCStudent Orientation Coordinator
Sturges QuadThis is the grassy area in front of the clock tower.
The Bear
The beloved statue atop the Main Street Fountain.
The Greek Tree
 This tree in Sturges Quad is one of the few spots on campus that students are allowed to paint--and the colors change frequently.
The Green
The grassy area in front of Erwin Hall--you'll find students studying, playing frisbee, or just simply lounging area on a warm sunny day!
The Lamron
The student run college newspaper.  Copies available on Thursday.  Did you know that The Lamron spelled backwards is the The Normal?
The Union
MacVittie College Union is the heartbeat of campus and home to the Corner Pocket, Student Association, the Mosaic, the mailroom, and College Union & Activities office.
UPDUniversity Police Department, located in Schrader 19.
YOGO"You Only Geneseo Once"


Office Highlight: Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office is located on the 3rd floor of the MacVittie College Union in room 354.  Headed by Dr. Leonard Sancilio, the Dean of Student's office “works directly with students to assist them in adjusting to college life and in resolving problems and conflicts that may arise during their undergraduate career. “ 

The Dean of Students also works collaboratively with many different offices on campus.  As a member of the Center for Community (C4C), the Dean of Students office works with other members of the C4C to connect students in the areas of: leadership, multiculturalism, volunteerism, and service learning to name a few. 

Looking for more information? The website can be found here or call 585-245-5706.

Did you know…

You can take your Foreign Language Placement Test during Orientation??   If you have not met the requirements to bypass taking a foreign language at SUNY Geneseo, you need to take the placement test either before Orientation or during the first two weeks of the semester.  The benefits to taking it during Orientation mean that you can register for the appropriate class during your advisement and not have to worry about getting into a class once the class has already started.  The semester tests fill up quickly and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take the test this semester.   Also, the material is more likely to be fresh in your head than if you have taken a break from it all summer. 

Your OAs will be directing you to Milne Library where the test will take place during the first day of Orientation.  Questions about the test can be directed to the Foreign Language department or to the Dean of the College’s office. 


@GeneseoFYP: Connect online & with apps

The Geneseo website, specifically Orientation & First-Year Programs, and your Geneseo e-mail are just a few of the many ways to connect with Geneseo.  How else can you be informed?  Check out our social media platforms--engage with us!

Class of 2016 Facebook

Join the Class of 2016 Facebook page!  Many of you have already joined this group, since it has over 500 members.  If you haven't joined yet, it's not too late.  It's a great way to connect with other new students in your class, see who is attending what Orientation session, ask questions, and even meet our Orientation Advisors



Follow @GeneseoFYP on Twitter!  You'll get the latest updates and information about what's happening on campus.  By following, you'll learn interesting Geneseo facts and connect with other new and returning students who are twitter users. Maybe we'll even retweet you! 




  Geneseo First-Year Programs just joined Tumblr.  Follow GeneseoFYP.  Get to know your Orientation Advisors before you arrive!  Each OA is writing a blog post and sharing a little insight with each of you before you arrive for Orientation. 

Voices from the valley: a Geneseo student perspective

Voices from the Valley is designed to help you get a different angle on SUNY Geneseo and learn what it’s like to be a student here.  All blog posts are written by current Geneseo students. The current post is all about the Orientation experience from the perspective of one of your OAs-Laura Duclos!  Check it out and learn more about what you can expect at Summer Orientation.


NAvigating Knightweb

Follow the link here to take a look at Knightweb before you use it at Orientation!


TOp 5 Numbers to remember

Submitted by Silvia Roma, Senior, Summer RA

1. UPD's Phone Number Emergency x5222 and Non-Emergency x5651

  • These numbers are important because you'll need the first if there is ever an emergency and the second if you ever lose something on campus. 

2. Knightweb Pin Number

  • When you want to register for classes knowing your pin makes getting to Knighweb so much faster, and everyone knows you want to be the first to register for classes, right?

3. G Number

  • If you aren't asked for this on a daily basis I would be surprised. Well okay, not every day, but you use this number to log into Knightweb, when you take exams, when you do anything official with the college! Know this number because chances are you'll need it your first day here.

4. Mailbox/Mailbox Combo

  • You can access this information via Knightweb, but if you forgot your Knightweb pin number you better know this! Getting mail is my favorite part of everyday so don’t forget that combination or where to find your box. There is a nice map with box numbers in the mail room if you can't find your mailbox! 

5. CRN or Course Reference Numbers

  • No one told me this my freshman year but you can register for all your classes all at once if you know your CRN numbers! Make sure you pick out your classes the night before so you can enter those in right away in the morning. It makes registration so much faster!


Quick links to important phone numbers, website and emails

College Office Office LocationPhone Number (585) 245-xxxxE-mail Address
College Union & ActivitiesMacVittie College Union
CIT Help Desk
South Hall 225
Dean of StudentsMacVittie College Union 3545706
Dean of the CollegeErwin 1065541
Financial Aid
Erwin 104
Health & Counseling CenterLauderdale Health Center

5736--Health Services

5716--Counseling Services

Office of AdmissionsErwin Hall
Office of the RegistrarErwin
Parking & Transportation ServicesSchrader
Residence LifeSchrader
University Police Schrader 19



Thanks for reading 

If you have any questions about Orientation & First-Year Programs, please contact us at or by calling 585-245-5852.  Watch for the next issue on July 6, 2012. 

This e-lert is a collaborative effort between the Office of Orientation & First-Year Programs and the Office of the Dean of the College.