Class of 2017 E-Lert, Issue I


The Office of Orientation & First-Year Programs is excited to welcome you to Geneseo!  To help you connect with us, we've designed this e-newsletter series to keep you informed with helpful information about opportunities, resources, and support services available to you as a Geneseo student. 


Orientation Advisors (OAs) are returning students who hold various leadership roles on our campus, and are here to assist with your transition to Geneseo.  OAs are dedicated students who have great pride in Geneseo and are eager to share their experience with each of you!  OAs receive extensive training and are available during sessions to answer questions, serve as resources and provide guidance to you and your family.  Each OA will have a small group of 10-12 first-year students they will work with through orientation.

Student Orientation Coordinators (SOCs)
 are students who have been OAs for at least a year.  They help plan OA recruitment and selection, assisting in planning OA training, process summer orientation reservations, and assist by answering phones.  Chances are you've probably spoken with one of them if you've called our office!



Have you completed the following items:

Paperwork to be completedWhen to completeSpecial Notes
Highschool transcriptsPrior to Orientation                  Needs to be sent to the Office of the Registrar in a sealed envelope.
Transcripts from any other colleges attended Prior to Orientation Needs to be sent to the Office of the Registrar in a sealed envelope.
Advanced Placement CreditsPrior to Orientation Needs to be sent to the Office of the Registrar in a sealed envelope.  Click here for a complete listing of AP Credits. 
Medical FormsPrior to the fall semesterInformation about medical forms can be found here.
Read and agree to the Student Code of ConductPrior to Orientation The code can be found on the Dean of Students website. For complete instructions, click here.  To agree to the code: log into Knightweb.

Note: Don't forget to send an official copy of your transcript for any college courses taken in high school.  The official transcript should be sent directly from the college you took the course through.  

Not sure what to expect?  Let us share with you. 

We're busy preparing for your arrival at Summer Orientation.  Go behind the scenes with our Director of New Student Programs, Kim Harvey, and some of our Orientation Advisors.  




Jump start your Geneseo experience!  The Geneseo Adirondack Experience is an optional four-day academic program designed to provide an enjoyable transition to life and learning at Geneseo by engaging students in a unique, challenging, and fun program, while earning college credit. You will enroll in a one-credit first-year course and engage in activities that promote your success as a student. You will have a jump start on your academic coursework leaving you better prepared for your transistion to Geneseo.

A Geneseo faculty member and Certified Adirondack Mountain Guide will lead the program with a four-day experiential learning adventure in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Selections from Emerson and Thoreau will be read as you canoe and hike in the beautiful Adirondack State Park. Discussions around the campfires will transcend the experience to explore the inspiring nature of the trip. As you enter your first year of college, you will have learned to work as a team and have started a journal that may indeed become a significant part of your future writings.



Summer Orientation is your first step to a great academic life. The two-day program will introduce you to exciting opportunities available to you as a SUNY Geneseo student.  When you come to Orientation, you'll register for classes, meet with groups of current and new students, learn about organizations and events on campus, and start great relationships with Geneseo's faculty and staff.

Students will learn about the college community and academic expectations by attending summer orientation. Each student will have an individual appointment with a faculty advisor who will assist in registering for classes.  To make your reservation, click here.


Orientation website & pre-arrival info

At Geneseo, learning is more about discovery than a checklist of requirements to fulfill. But sometimes checklists are helpful when you're preparing to come to Orientation. We've made it easy with some helpful links, so check out the Orientation & First-Year Programs website for more details.

Important information about Summer Orientation.  

Chow Down with Chowhound 

Demolish Your Hunger with Chowhound – Geneseo’s food truck!  This restaurant on wheels features quality burgers, chicken tenders, specialty sandwiches, salads and more.  Chowhound pops up at various locations around campus, serving breakfast, lunch dinner and late night.  Remember, you can use you meal plan at the truck!  Follow Chowhound on Twitter @ChowhoundCAS to find out its location.



Computer Requirements


SUNY Geneseo requires incoming students to bring a laptop computer to Geneseo. This requirement has several benefits, including enabling students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of learning opportunities that exist only when every student in a classroom has a laptop; establishing a campus culture in which faculty and staff are increasingly willing and able to explore innovative and effective classroom and co-curricular uses of information technology; and encouraging students to develop essential computer skills.

Geneseo has a Microsoft Campus agreement that provides all students with Microsoft Office for free. Visit for download information.

Should I bring a printer to campus?
Geneseo offers student printing in every academic building and residence hall. Personal wireless printers will not work on our enterprise network. For more information about printing on campus, visit

Computing & Information Technology
(CIT) provides support for many computer and mobile device platforms. For questions about how your device will work on our network, contact the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 or


Join the Geneseo Class of 2017 Word Skill game!

What is Word Skill?

Word Skill is similar to SCRABBLE and Words with Friends, except:

  • You can play against a lot of people (even thousands) in one game
  • All players have the same letters in each round.
  • You get points for your word just as you do in similar games, but only the best word played stays on the boardY
  • You are timed: you have two minutes and 30 seconds (2:30) from the time you see your letters to play your word.
  • You get fresh letters every round.


Why should I play?

  • It's fun
  • You'll get to know Geneseo faculty, staff and students
  • You have the opportunity to win prizes - all players will receive a Geneseo key tag and the top 10 Class of 2017 players with the highest score will win an additional prize!


How Do I Play?

1.  Download Work Skill
For iPhone and iPad

For Android

For Facebook


Click here to join. 


Thanks for reading

If you have any questions about Orientation & First-Year Programs, please contact us at or by calling 585-245-5852.  Watch for the next issue on June 14, 2013.  

This e-lert is a collaborative effort between the Office of Orientation & First-Year Programs and the Office of the Dean of the College.