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What is the focus project?

First-Year Programs is excited to launch this NEW initiative that provides you with a chance to tell your story through photography and document your first semester.  Consider submitting for each theme or just select a few that speak to you.  We want to know your story!

The First-Year Photo Project enables first-year students to intentionally document their transition to Geneseo through guided photography, internal reflection, and communication with others; allowing for discovery of what it means to be a Geneseo first-year student and a part of the greater community. 


Share your story of your first semester through photography.  Each week you'll have an opportunity to submit a photo that is reflective of the theme.  Fill out the following form and upload your photo by the due date.  Each week the photos will be uploaded to Facebook and the photo with the most "likes" will be awarded a prize from the Office of First-Year Programs.

For each photo submitted you'll need to include the following on the submission form: your contact information, select theme, photo title, and a short description.

View the submission themes.  Snap away!

NY Alert notification system

Geneseo is committed to creating a safe environment for faculty, staff and students. NY-ALERT is designed to notify you in situations where your personal safety may be at risk (see examples below). Subscription to NY-ALERT is free and, while highly encouraged, completely voluntary. This information will not be shared with any outside parties, nor will Geneseo use the system for any purpose other than a true emergency. Subscribers may elect to opt out at any point if they change their mind.

To subscribe to NY-ALERT, please visit (go to Knightweb - Personal Information Menu - NY-Alert Contact Information)

If you have any questions about how to sign up, contact the CIT HelpDesk at (585) 245-5588.

The NY-ALERT system can be used when the following situations occur:

  • Campus or public safety situations caused by bomb threats, civil disturbances, fire or hazardous materials
  • Personal safety incidents (on/off campus) associated with weapons, violence, hostage-taking, active shooting, missing persons or perpetrator(s) at large
  • Medical emergencies involving pandemic or mass casualties
  • Utility failure, including gas, electrical or water
  • Major road closings/incidents disrupting safe passage to and from campus
  • Suspicious packages that would cause harm to people or property
  • Severe weather and related consequences

The best way we can help ensure campus safety is through fast, effective notification. Please take a moment now to enroll in NY-ALERT.

WOW: Weeks of Welcome ScheduleWOW 2013

Wondering what there is to do on campus between move-in day and the first day of classes.  Don't worry, we have you covered.  Check out the two and a half weeks of events and activities that we have planned to help welcome you to campus. Think about WOW as a time to try new things, connect with your new friends and Orientation Advisors, and have a great time!  Check out the website at

* Dinner (8/23), Breakfast (8/24) and Lunch (8/24) are automatically deducted from all new student meal plans.

This We believe: SUNY Geneseo writing competition 

Class of 2017: Have you noticed the banners on campus proclaiming excellenceinnovationcommunitydiversity,integrityservice, and tradition? These are Geneseo’s values as a public liberal arts college and a center of excellence.

We all have values and personal beliefs.  We hope you will share yours in a brief essay that can be read aloud in about three minutes.  Inspired by the international “This I Believe” project, which gathers stories about how our beliefs shape us.  Your story should state your belief (“I believe in friendship”; “I believe in baseball”) with an explanation of how your belief has helped you become the person you are.  First Year Programs and Residence Life will collect and archive all submitted essays.  We are encouraging participation by offering cash prizes to the writers of three outstanding submissions. Please take this opportunity to write the first chapter of your life at Geneseo.  Begin writing your first chapter today.

This We Believe


Participate: Students can participate by submitting their This We Believe: SUNY Geneseo essay to the First-Year ProgramsKnightlink page. 

Due Date: All essays will be due on Monday, September 23, 2013

Prizes: A committee of SUNY Geneseo faculty and staff will select three outstanding essays and award each a prize of $100.

Click here to learn more about the program and submit your entry today. 

Undergraduate Alumni Association (UAA)

UAAAs someone who just left Geneseo in May, let me say that you’re making one the greatest decisions of your life coming to school here. Geneseo is great for the general reasons college is great – you’re away from home, you’re meeting a huge group of new people, you’re working toward your future, etc. But so many things about Geneseo make it stand out above other institutions, and one of these things is the vast opportunity for extracurricular involvement.

One of the best clubs I joined in Geneseo was the Undergraduate Alumni Association, which you’ll only ever hear as UAA. It’s a pretty big deal. There are different teams within the club, a different event every month and everyone is responsible for something a little bit different. The School Spirit and Traditions team promotes and upholds Geneseo traditions, like student rituals at home hockey games, capturing a sunset from the Gazebo and promoting UAA’s annual Traditions Challenge campaigns.  One of our teams is in charge of the E-Yearbook (a groundbreaking initiative that fills the void left since the last yearbook was printed in 2000), another is responsible for class pride projects and another coordinates student and alumni programs. UAA is all about highlighting iconic Geneseo “things” that students love and alumni treasure. And it’s so much fun. Everyone involved becomes friends, and we come from entirely different backgrounds and majors. UAA membership is open to every student; freshmen and upperclassmen, sorority and fraternity members, on-campus or off, artists and athletes.

I would recommend this club for anyone who worked on their high school yearbook, was on any type of student government or council, loved homecoming and spirit week, or is just looking for a place to act on their excitement for Geneseo. Indicate your interest today at and receive emails about upcoming UAA meetings and events, look for our tent at the First Knight celebration following New Student Convocation on Sunday, August 25. 

Submitted by Megan Eichas '13

Geneseo Farmers Market 2Student Ambassadorship Program

The Center for Inquiry, Discovery and Leadership awarded 10 undergraduate students with ambassadorship awards in 2013. Student Ambassadorships are $5,000 awards that support a student-designed project in independent learning and innovative results. Projects may include travel, internship, research, community service, entrepreneurship or other activities and should result in identifiable and transformative results for the individual student and the community.  Below is Maddy Smith's ambassadorship program.  

Geneseo Farmers Market 1Think Local Geneseo is a program to encourage students, faculty, and community members to eat more local fruits, vegetables, and other products. The program kicks off in the last week of August with the Geneseo Farmers Market on Thursday August 29, where students can sign up for the free Locavore Challenge, tell us why they choose to eat locally, and learn about some opportunities for free giveaways. The farmers market is every Thursday on Center and Main Street in Geneseo, and goes from 3 to 6:30 p.m. There, you'll find fresh and affordable produce, sweet treats, and other goodies. Upcoming this fall will be a produce share program, during which students can receive weekly fruits and vegetables from Rochester area farms and producers.

During the September month-long Locavore Challenge, participants are encouraged to consume local fruits and vegetables, celebrating the agriculture of New York state. Geneseo events include upcoming cooking classes, speakers, and local food dinners. Sign up for the free challenge at and look for Think Local Geneseo around campus and on Facebook at to find out more about this program.

Submitted by Madeline Smith 


If you have any questions about Orientation & First-Year Programs, please contact us at or by calling 585-245-5852.  Our final issue will be available on August 16. 

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